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Science and Marketing Writing

Content is the foundation of modern business-to-business (B2B) science marketing. Blog posts, videos, and social media content are the best ways to generate awareness, demand, and trust for your brand.

But science companies can’t trust anyone to create content – you need a scientific background to communicate the topic and understand the technical specialists you are trying to reach. You also need a writer with the skills and business awareness to ensure the work effectively supports business goals.

In addition to my master’s degrees in chemistry and biochemical engineering, I have extensive experience writing for large and small science brands. I can write:

  • Blog posts
  • Website content
  • E-Books and white papers
  • Podcast and video scripts
  • Social media posts

Pricing starts at 0.10 USD per word.

Want to learn how content can help your business? Get an introductory 30-minute consultation for free!

Science Writing Coaching

Are you trying to sharpen your science writing or marketing skills? Maybe you are applying for a job in the field, looking to promote your scientific research or have a cause you want to support. I can help you take your abilities to the next level.

I help writers through practical advice, theoretical discussion, encouragement, and constructive criticism. I also offer training for small groups. Topic areas include:

  • Effective writing
  • Content marketing
  • Marketing strategy

Rates start at $25 for a 30-minute individual coaching session and $50 for group training.

Want to learn how coaching can help your writing? Get an introductory 30-minute consultation for free!

Marketing Strategy Consulting

Scientists may not like to hear this, but your company needs marketing. Your product or service can only sell itself to a point – you need a communication strategy to accelerate growth. I can help! Let’s work together to get your company off the ground.

Get an introductory 30-minute consultation for free! 

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